Aquarium background and artificial rocks

A suitable aquarium and terrarium background is a part of the aquarium set. Our company supplies several different shape and colour designs of backgrounds.

These are produced of polyurethane material with excellent properties, which is not harmful to animals. Stability of shape and colours is an important characteristic of the material.


Malawi Dunkel 1 Malawi Hell

Šedý kámen Vulkán

Skála šedá Břeh Láva žlutá
Láva šedá Břeh 2 Labyrint šedý
Čínský kámen - černá, písková, hnědá Skála šedá tónovaná Skála šedá + kořen červený
Moře Láva šedá rohová

Our offer also includes:

Artificial rocks, fountains, waterfalls, decorative ponds
Various imitations of stone upon the customer s request
Artificial wood - trees, branches, roots