Lighting system

The lighting systems are supplied with built-in electronic ballasts for the fluorescent tubes T5 FQ and T8. Each light is ready to be fitted with two fluorescent lamps.

The lighting systems are designed both for aquarium covers and for free fitting.

To intensify brightness, it is recommended to equip these lighting fittings with additional reflectors, which are also supplied by our company.

Lighting system T8

AC14502x15 W
AC15602x18 W
AC16702x18 W
AC17802x18 W
AC18902x18 W
AC191002x30 W
AC201102x30 W
AC211202x38 W
AC221302x36 W
AC231402x36 W
AC241502x36 W
AC251602x58 W
AC261702x58 W
AC271802x58 W
AC281902x58 W
AC292002x58 W
AC302502x58 W
AC313002x58 W

Lighting system T5

AC32502x8 W
AC33602x24 W
AC34702x24 W
AC35802x24 W
AC36902x24 W
AC371002x39 W
AC381102x39 W
AC391202x39 W
AC401302x54 W
AC411402x54 W
AC421502x54 W
AC431602x80 W
AC441702x80 W
AC451802x80 W
AC461902x80 W
AC472002x80 W
AC482502x80 W
AC493002x80 W