ZEKIA spol. s r.o. company offers attractive, both standard and nonstandard glued aquariums with glass thickness 4 - 19 mm (2x12.2x15 mm), designed not only for residential interiors but also for commercial interiors such as hotels, restaurants, lobbies and exclusive offices; we also offer large-sized versions for ZOOs or aquaparks.

We use exclusively European branded quality materials, including Glaverbel and Saint Gobain glass or Formflex silicone glue. Several years of experience with these materials allow us to provide a 3-year warranty for glued joints.

With the maximum aquarium face side being 6 metres (height up to 1.5 m), we are able to satisfy even the demanding customers. We offer both straight and bent glass design.

Aquariums will be made exactly according to the customer s designs and requirements including drilled holes and overflow filtration shafts so that it both looks great and perfectly fits into the selected part of the interior.

Since 2002, we have been producing also nonstandard aquariums made of safety glass (glass thickness as much as 30, or even 47 mm), which are glued on the customer site due to their weight and length.

Considering the great demand, aquariums made of white glass (OPTIWHITE) have also been included in our production programme.