Project Hotel Braunwald

In 2005 we implemented the biggest project we have had so far - a set of aquariums mounted into an elevator shaft. You can set out on a slow journey through the aquatic realm by an all-glass elevator, which is an unforgettable experience especially for children.

The whole project had been elaborated and scheduled into great detail, as the transportation of the metal structure and stands with glass to the altitude of 1,800 m above the sea level using a cable-way was a significant risk in itself.

The total height of the aquarium set is over 5 metres. The set consists of five aquariums, each of them dealing with its own topic (lakes of Africa and South America):

Aquarium 160x93x120 cm (2x12 mm VSG FLOAT)
Aquarium 160x93x120 cm (2x12 mm VSG FLOAT)
Aquarium 168x125x120 cm (2x12 mm VSG FLOAT)
Aquarium 168x70x120 cm (2x12 mm VSG FLOAT)
Aquarium 300x63x80 cm (15 mm FLOAT)

The following photographs document the whole preparation and implementation of the construction.


Transport des Glas


Arbeit geht dem Ende zu